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Who we are

Astronia is the name of the Government of the Astronist Institution. The Astronist Institution is the universal proprietor of Astronism and sole representative of the Astrosa; the worldwide community of Astronists.

Why we exist

Astronia is the principal authority on Astronism and singularly manages the entire religion. We exist to protect and represent all Astronists and our core mandate is to serve the advancement of Astronism in every possible capacity.

What we do

We manage the interfaith and governmental relations of the Astronist Institution. We regulate both its charitable and profitable subsidiaries. We oversee the finances of Astronism and run a total of 11 ministries and 8 permanent offices.

Greetings from the Padron


Cometan is the current and First Padron of the Astronist Institution. Cometan single-handedly established the Institution after founding Astronism through his authorship of the world's longest religious treatise and founding text of Astronism, called the Omnidoxy.

"Welcome all to Astronia.org. Here you will be immersed into the inner works of the world's newest religious organisations with global scale operations." - Cometan

The Emblem of The Governing Ministry.png

The Governing Ministry

The Millettarian Peacekeeping Force Embl

The Millettarian Peacekeeping Force

Emblem of The Ministry of Foreign Relati

Ministry of Relations

png_transparent (1).png

Ministry of Subsidiaries

IPM (2).png

Ministry of the Interior

PUESEC Emblem.png

People's United Educational Space Exploration Confederation (PUESEC)

Emblem No Background.png

The People's

Millettarian Network

(Ministry of Publications)

Governmental Emblem.png

Astronian Bank

(The People's

Millettarian Fund)

1 (1).png

Ministry of the Exterior

The Grand Millettarian Court Emblem.png

The Grand Millettarian Court (Ministry of Legislation)

png_large (1).png

Ministry of Dissemination

& Education

Seal of the Office of the Chairman.png

Office of the Padron

Seal of the Office of the Vice Chairman

Office of the Vice Chairman


Office of the

Governing Council

Coat of Assembly of The First Chairman.p

Office of the Assembly

png_large (1).png

Office of Communications

The Millettarian Security Force Emblem.p

Office of Security

Seal of the Office of The Grand Judge.pn

Office of the Grand Judge

Constitutional Seal (No Background).png

Office of the People's Constitutional Company